Door Installation Tips

When setting your door in the rough opening, try to center it in the hole. This will provide equal trim coverage on both the latch and hinge side of the door. This gap will vary based on the size of the rough opening itself. If the rough opening is framed correctly it will be 1/4" to 1/2" wide.

A 6' level works best for drawing the plumb line on the wall. Rest it on the floor 1/2" in at the bottom and move the top until the bubble reads level. A 4' level will also work.

Shoot 2-1/2" nails close to the brackets and through the door stop (center of jamb) to improve stability. 

Install a 2-1/2" screw through the center hole in the top hinge for solid core or heavy doors.  Take care not to overdrive the screw.  If you do, reverse it until it's just snug against the hinge.

Key to a good mortise for a latch plate

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